I'm still young and trying to figure things out. I'll make mistakes and I'll hopefully learn some lessons, but that's just life. I'm not going to be fake, I know I'm not perfect. I'm an enigma, a puzzle that can't be solved, a maze you'll never find your way out of, but isn't that what makes me interesting? Get to know me, you might just end up liking what you see. Although I'm still figuring out my life, there is one thing that's for sure, as luck would have it, I've found the one. I love you Sodana Lam.
-I'm Vietnamese/Chinese
-19 years I've been on this earth
March 19th
11:04 PM
scares me every time -____-

scares me every time -____-

January 30th
1:28 AM
September 29th
6:14 PM


if it’s indescribable, if it’s unexplainable, how the hell do you know that’s what you feel? how are you so sure? or how do you know if other peoples definition of love is the same as yours? maybe they think of it as something not so easily obtainable. So no, I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. I don’t think it’s something that easy to get, to feel, to have. So please don’t throw that word around like it’s any other word. That’s the reason why I feel like that word has no meaning behind it, because people just throw it around. I’ve basically numbed myself to that word, I could now throw it around like any other word because, to me, it no longer has the meaning it use to in my head.