I'm still young and trying to figure things out. I'll make mistakes and I'll hopefully learn some lessons, but that's just life. I'm not going to be fake, I know I'm not perfect. I'm an enigma, a puzzle that can't be solved, a maze you'll never find your way out of, but isn't that what makes me interesting? Get to know me, you might just end up liking what you see. Although I'm still figuring out my life, there is one thing that's for sure, as luck would have it, I've found the one. I love you Sodana Lam.
-I'm Vietnamese/Chinese
-19 years I've been on this earth
August 27th
1:18 AM

The Real World

I was such a sheltered child that I don’t feel like I’m prepared for the difficulties of the real world. The smallest things to other people give me the most unnerving anxiety attacks. I wish I was more exposed to the harsh realities of life so that I’m not left defenseless when thrown into this wilderness.

August 24th
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July 15th
1:58 AM


The three most honest minutes in television history.

well damnnnn 


April 7th
9:04 PM
April 3rd
8:19 AM

Everything Changes

Love has changed my opinion/ideals/beliefs about so many things. I hate children, yet love makes me smile at the thought of being married to him and having kids. I never really thought I would get married or at least I could never picture it, that is until now. I could never explain this happiness. He’s just so perfect for me. Just thinking about him makes me happy or hearing him tell me why I make him happy is bliss. He has never hurt me like all those asshole guys do to their girlfriends. We rarely fight/argue. We do bicker but that’s because of me and my short temper. He always thinks of sweet ways to show me he cares. He loses sleep and runs on little-to-no energy just to see me, to hang out with me, to hold me and just love me unconditionally. It seems like something rare now a days to see a guy who cares and treats his girlfriend right; all I ever see is assholes everywhere with their dumb girlfriends who allow their boyfriends to treat them horribly. I’m glad I have nothing to complain about when it comes to him. He’s perfect in every way. He always puts me first: my thoughts, feelings, and health. He works hard in everything he does: working, loving me, and just life overall. It is heart warning to know he does it all for me. He is my world just like I am his. All I really need is him and my world is complete. I love you so much that it’s hard to grasp the intensity and enormity of my love.

March 26th
11:01 AM
beautiful girls can be the ugliest on the inside.

beautiful girls can be the ugliest on the inside.

March 22nd
1:33 AM
March 15th
8:01 AM
Oh how I love him so ( :

Oh how I love him so ( :

March 13th
6:56 PM
March 7th
1:03 AM

a message from murmuragainst

I wrote the article you were talking about, which you said made you cynical. I think people need to be critical but positive. There's lots of people out there doing good things in the world, so find them and get on it. The world needs more people devoted to its improvement.

I’ll just stick to volunteer work LOL

February 6th
3:22 AM
LOLOLOL king of the world

LOLOLOL king of the world

February 2nd
11:23 PM
January 29th
2:16 PM

Is it worth it after all?

Was it worth it restricting myself from so many different opportunities because of my need for approval, not from fellow friends and classmates but from adults? What is this label really worth? I have confined myself in my own little world because of this title. I have declined so many opportunities to have adventures, have fun, be young. I don’t even know what it’s like to be young. I’ve become so accustomed to playing the adult when friends were too busy going crazy and living life. I was always the one sober, ready to take care of others. Where has it really gotten me? I don’t believe becoming successful in life, work, and love means you have to stick to the rules. I’m sure the adults who act all knowing at some point in their past had these crazy experiences too. So I must ask myself what’s stopping me? my fear. I’m not entirely sure what of, maybe regret, maybe judgement, maybe losing the title I worked so hard to keep. It’s something I prided myself in, now I’m left wondering if it was even worth it.

1:53 PM


I’m not going to lie but I’m so tempted to smoke some bud. I’m wound too tight. I over think shit, stress out about stupid shit, care about shit that doesn’t matter. I’m so tempted but I love my clean record. I love the fact that I can say I haven’t drank alcohol or done drugs but I’m so tempted. I guess I don’t want people thinking differently about me, if I did do those things. Then again isn’t that a part of the issue? caring about wtf people think? Maybe a little bud would do me a little good. It’s true I care too much about the image of, I haven’t done any of those things, but really who gives a fuck. Yes, I get to have some title to be proud of, but I’m also missing out on opportunities, opportunities that might open my mind up to a world I never knew existed because I spent so long judging it. What do you think? should you try everything at least once?

January 10th
1:20 AM


this is a must…when i go to japan…..i dont give a fuck if i am old.